March 20, 2011

Inglot Swatches

Prior to my shopping ban (which hasn't been going all that well...) I put in an order at Inglot. I've heard great things about their eyeshadows, and I was happy when they opened up a website for ordering! I was going to go with a 10-pan freedom palette, but I went with a 20-pan freedom palette. The empty palette was only $5 instead of $25 after I picked out all of my eyeshadows! I love that their pans go down in price the more you pick. For those who are wondering, my entire palette plus shipping cost $118. Pretty awesome deal considering how much Mac eyeshadows go for!


Top to bottom: 440 Pearl, 399 Pearl, 445 Pearl, 439 Pearl, 446 Pearl, 420 Pearl, 444 Pearl, 434 Pearl, 348 Matte, 428 Pearl

Sorry this one is out of focus! Top to bottom: 390 Matte, 393 Pearl, 397 Pearl, 402 Pearl, 406 Pearl, 421 Pearl, 422 Pearl, 409 Pearl, 423 Pearl, 378 Matte

I wish I could have picked more "fun" colors, but I decided to be practical and pick mostly neutrals. I went with pearls and a couple mattes because I wasn't sure how "shiny" the shines would be. The mattes are so smooth and velvety, I love them!

Note: You CAN rearrange this palette after placing all of the shadows. I take the corner magnet on the cover of the palette and hold it over a pan to get it to "catch" it. It sure beats trying to remove the palette with a pin!